The key business advantages of Laravel may be obvious to technicians, but why should business owners prefer this framework over any other CMS? There are certain business values the Laravel PHP framework delivers.

To start with, let’s mention in a nutshell the opinion many developers believe to be true. It states that all frameworks are fundamentally bad ideas and at the same time the Laravel framework is a bad idea, but to a lesser extent.

By the way, it was just a joke.

Now let’s move on to the business benefits of Laravel:

  • It helps keep things clear and concise;
  • A small learning curve;
  • Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) increasing development speed;
  • Flexibility and human-friendly syntax in most of the components;
  • Wide scope; it is easy to find subject-matter experts;
  • Supported by a huge community on GitHub;
  • Integration with the external interface.
  • All these features are time-saving, resulting in budget cuts.

Another business advantage of Laravel is the return on investment. The Laravel PHP framework enables developers to quickly prototype and build scalable applications, providing you with internal tools tailored to specific team’s needs, thus saving your corporate budget.

When to choose the Laravel framework?

Laravel is suitable when you start thinking outside the box trying to find solutions that will benefit you in the future. The truth is that there are ready-made solutions for e-commerce (e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento) or blogging when you are into online media (WordPress). At first sight, all these solutions are suitable because of the non-standard features they provide, but in the long run, they are just technical debt. Compared to Laravel, it takes a lot of time and effort to customize or improve them.

The Laravel framework is best suited when there is no need to build turnkey internal applications or CMS. This framework is also appropriate for creating scalable and integrated solutions in the future.

Developers and stakeholders benefit from Laravel. The code’s conciseness speeds up the development process and simplifies project support, which ultimately has a positive impact on budgeting.