It is difficult to put into words the description of the Laravel framework in such a way that it is correctly understood not only by a technical specialist but also by a non-tech savvy person.

We can go into detail and sugarcoat our article with terms and figures, but this will not make the article more valuable for readers. Instead, our aim is to explain to you in simple language, the meaning of the Laravel framework and answer the question of why you should choose it when you need to launch a web application quickly.

Laravel is an MVC-based (Model-View-Controller principle) PHP framework. It is an open-source, intuitive, easy-to-manage, and scalable framework providing advanced multifunctional applications and enterprise systems.

The core of the Laravel mindset is the belief that the development process must be as smooth and enjoyable as a high-quality application use. To this end, the Laravel framework is packed with developer-friendly features that allow experts to focus on the fundamentals without being distracted by writing code from scratch.

Laravel helps create applications using various elements of many other frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Yii, or Symfony. Laravel web development is perfect in case you need to significantly reduce your app development time. Everything made with its help is extremely simple and intuitive. Laravel is one of the most accessible and best frameworks in terms of quality and functionality. It is not used to create banking systems or corporate social networks. However, this is enough if you want to make a general type of site.

Due to its simplicity and lightweight, Laravel programming is widely preferred by developers around the world. To help you understand what we are talking about, here is a fact:

About 200,000 sites were built using Laravel.
And discussed here is why PHP developers love Laravel.