Let’s start with a fact that is rarely taken into account. Many programmers sell their services within the tech stack they are good at. Few of the highly skilled professionals are willing to admit that the programming language they have mastered is troublesome or too complicated. And yet, every programming language and every software solution has its pros and cons. The ideal one does not exist but some win over the others. We are talking about Laravel.

But why do developers still choose Node.js and Ruby instead of Laravel?

Most often Node.js is used by front-end developers working with JavaScript and avoiding other technologies in their projects.

Ruby on Rails follows the same principles as Laravel which are the code’s brevity and its high performance. When Laravel was needed, it did not exist. PHP developers, most of whom are back-end developers, have been waiting a long time for such a solution. The popularity of Laravel is quite predictable these days and continues to grow.

Why choose Laravel programming among others? There is no sheer answer for or against Laravel. It depends a lot on which technical experts are involved in the project. To succeed with Laravel, it is better to cooperate with experienced architects. As highly qualified professionals, they work more confidently and are supposed to be more productive with better results.